Clarity is a charitable association based in north London, which manufactures soap and toiletries and sells these through retailers and by mail order. Its objective is to provide employment for blind people. Of its 114 full- and part-time employees, 80% have a disability or long-term health condition: over a third are blind or have a visual impairment, nearly 15% have learning differences, over 6% have mental health difficulties, and over 5% have a physical disability.

Half of its diverse workforce consists of permanent employees, with the other half being in transitional jobs, and the company supports them to find work outside the company. It also benefits from volunteer support.

It aims to:

  • Enhancing its employees’ lives
  • Offer engaging and diverse employment opportunities
  • Offer excellence in its products and services
  • Challenge societal perceptions of disability through inspiring and convincing influencers

It markets under three of its own brands – Clarity Products, The Soap Co, and The Soap Co., Keswick – as well as manufacturing for other brands, both small businesses and large corporations. It sells its products through a network of independent regional sales agents as well as its own staff.

Annual turnover is €3 million. All profit is reinvested to create more employment opportunities for blind and disabled people. It receives some employment subsidy funding from the government.

Clarity has been awarded the Planet MarkTM and aims to reduces its carbon footprint by 5% each year.