Fostering information consultation participation rights to help social entreprises grow

DIESIS invites you to the final conference of the R2G – #Rights2Grow project on 25th-26th June 2019 at the Ateliers des Tanneurs in Brussels. Look here the Agenda of the R2G event! 

The Rights to Grow project has researched the practices of 26 social enterprises in 13 EU Member States. Its final conference on 25-26 June 2019 will examine a selection of participation techniques from a cross-section of social enterprises in different EU countries




The project aims at mapping governance models of Social Enterprises across Europe, identifying and analysing good practices and drafting policy recommendations for EU, national and local institutions and stakeholders in order to foster information and consultation rights for employees of Social Enterprises in Europe.

The action focuses on social enterprises providing social services, work integration opportunities for disadvantaged and disabled persons (WISEs) and also social enterprises involved in Public–Social Partnerships. It covers a large number of countries thanks to a broad partnership including European level organisations (DIESIS, CECOP, ENSIE, ETUC and SEE) both on the workers and employers side and national organisations (SEUK, RISE, ACT GRUPA,COCETA,  Legacoopsociali, CGM, AVISE, FISE).



Fostering information and consultation rights for employees of social enterprises in Europe.

Mapping governance models of social enterprises across Europe.

Identifying the most effective cases of good governance linked with sustainability and growth.

Implementing exchanges and mutual learning EST-WEST.

Implementing exchanges and mutual learning for traditional – new forms of social enterprises.

Implementing training and information actions.


Expert from national partners and experts appointed by EU organisations will gather and analyse good practices from a large number of countries. A balance among geographic type of social enterprises and model of governance will be sought. The countries involved are IT FR UK BE ES SL CZ SK PL HR RO  Serbia and  Montenegro.



FINAL COMPARATIVE REPORT  including analysis of 13 national contexts and at least 26 case studies.

TRAINING MATERIALS  on European directives and regulations on information and consultation of the workers.

POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS for European, national, local institutions and stakeholders. Guidelines for the development of the workers involvement and Good Governance in Europe within social enterprises.


EU Level Organisations

National Organisations

Countries' Scenarios

Good Practices


R2G project is co-funded by the European Union Agreement Reference (VS/2018/0009)