Spazio Aperto Servizi in Milan is a type A social co-operative, which provides social services. It span off from Spazio Aperto, a type B social co-operative providing work integration, in 1993. In 2016 it merged with another social co-operative, Aurora 2000.

It organises recreational and educational activities in 100 schools, promotes fostering, and counsels victims of trauma and child abuse. It provides home support to distressed adults and mediates in conflicts between parents and children. For people with disabilities, it provides residential and day care, summer camps, holidays and respite care.

80% of employees are women, and most work part-time. The working environment favours interpersonal relationships and sharing. The co-operative provides an attractive range of fringe benefits such as flexible working, early maternity leave and help with public transport season tickets and mortgage payments.

The co-operative has invested a lot in training, in both operations and management.