L’Innesto was set up in 1999 to develop the area of Val Cavallina, which covers 16 municipalities, 111 square kilometres and 35,000 inhabitants.

It is a community-based multi-stakeholder social co-operative which carries out work integration. It operates in agricultural production using traditional seeds and methods and also in gardening and tourism.

The co-operative carried out work under contracts both with the local and provincial authorities and with private organisations. It carries out social agriculture and more specifically the upkeep of green areas and the planning and management of environmental education.

In 2017 it organised a crowdfunding exercise to acquire the Casa del Pescatore ‘Fisherman’s House’), the premises it had been using for the last 16 years. This raised €15,000 in donations and €405,000 in shares – i.e. risk capital. It also brought the co-operative 72 new members, bringing the total membership to 227.