Caritas Šabac is based in the town of that name in Mačva County in western Serbia. It provides home care, day care and supported living services for elderly people and those with mental disorders. It employs socially vulnerable people to operate a laundry and dry cleaning service, social agriculture and a kitchen. It also carries out humanitarian and emergency relief work. It works in five municipalities. It provides home care to 600 users, and operates two day care centres for people with mental disabilities.

It was founded in 2000 to distribute humanitarian aid, and in 2001 it started long-term projects and a listening centre project to link people in need with other Caritas projects. It registered formally as an association in 2010. The association carries out social agriculture on land it owns in the villages of Bogatić, Badovinci and Vukošić where it produces fruit and vegetables. It operates a restaurant and distillery in Bogatić. The association turns over €418,000 a year.