During the first day, we will examine the progress of the project  and give the floor to Italian social enterprises and cooperative movement with Stefano Granata, President of CGM and Federsolidarietà, Felice Romeo Legacoopsociali and  Massimo Minelli Fondazione Triulza   / Confocoperative Lombardia.

Part of the day will be dedicated to a round table on good governance of social enterprises with representatives of EU and national umbrella organisations and trade unions, (Ensie, Etuc, Cecop, Social Economy Europe).

The meeting will be hosted by La Cordata, a social cooperative which offers housing solutions, social and educational services and hotel facilities .

The second day, we will be hosted by Cascina Cappuccina, managed  by Eureka Coop,  a social cooperative offering services for the person in harmony with the evolution of the world of work and the family. We will discuss activities in the Balkan area, lesson learnt, priorities and future activities.

For more info, take a look at the agenda